“Not only did Rob and his team help me to create a great book, but he also helped me to design the campaigns to launch and promote it. I couldn’t have done any of this without him.”

Bill Glazer, Founder and former President of GKIC Glazer-Kennedy Insiders Circle

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About the Author

Rob Cuesta

For more than 30 years, Rob Cuesta has been helping businesses around the world to grow profitably.


Author of 8 international best-selling books, Rob is an expert in maximising the value of every lead and customer and ensuring you get the greatest return on your marketing investments.


In this easy-to-read book, Rob shares the step-by-step process he and his team use with $35,000+ ghostwriting clients to turn their knowledge, experience, and expertise into a bestselling book and put it at the heart of marketing campaigns designed to establish credibility and get prospects calling you.

What other business owners are saying

  • Frank Butler

    Rob helped us develop a book to sell our concept. We had been chasing a key target for 3 years with no success, but one week after receiving our book they rang us. Now we have six leads in the pipeline each worth over $180,000. So if you’re wondering whether to contact Rob, the answer is “yes” 

  • Juliette Noske

    I know where I'm going and I'm very confident in that. I've created my first book, so I'm now an author. I'm very excited to have that out there, and I recommend Rob Cuesta highly.

  • Alain Balanche-Jacquet

    Rob Cuesta’s knowledge and mastery of his subject is always a pleasure to witness. In just under 6 months the results have been phenomenal: I have written and printed my first book, which is getting great reviews, and I’ve turned my coaching into a programme that is much easier to pitch.

  • George Pirintzi

    Rob Cuesta has provided me with a clear, logical and effective blueprint on how to cut through all the confusing noise around marketing, both on-line and off-line. I have now been able to create a professional marketing strategy and put it on automatic so that rather than spend time struggling to find clients, I can spend more time working with clients and earning money.